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2023 Scholarship Donors

Scholarship Donor Request

The mission of the Iowa Section is to provide education and networking opportunities for the Iowa Food Science community.  One essential element of the Iowa Section is undergraduate and graduate student involvement.  Each year the Iowa Section hosts a Student Night to honor our student’s achievements. We are planning a Student Night on November 10th, 2022.

Each year the Iowa Section IFT has provided scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who have shown excellence in the classroom, research, and food industry involvement.  We ask all applicants of the scholarships to explain how the money will advance the food industry. 

We have had great support in the past and greatly appreciate the generosity of our members and company sponsors. Scholarships range in amount from $250 to $1500 depending on the number of quality applicants and amount of industry and member scholarship donations. The student scholarships will be presented in person and we would love to have our sponsors in attendance.

Would you or your company be willing to sponsor or donate to one of the Iowa Food Industry Scholarships?  If your company would like to donate money for an industry scholarship, please let us know, or provide us with a name of a contact person. Our goal is to have our scholarship donors determined by November 1st, 2022. Thank you for your consideration of supporting the students that help make our section vibrant and youthful!
Iowa Section IFT Executive Board

Contact Information
Ozan Kahraman PhD, CFS ǀ (859) 420-5937 ǀ ozan@appliedfoods.com

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