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Educational Outreach

Are you looking for a fun activity and a way to spread the love of food science with a kid in your life? Check out some fun experiments below. 

We are currently sold out of the Food Science Kits for Kids and are looking for ways to assemble and sell more kits in the future. 

Milk Rainbow Experiment and Milk Rainbow Video 

Gluten Balls

Wiggle Worm Experiment

Wiggly Gummy Worms

You can find instructions in a variety of places, but this is a good resource:

What You Need:

3-6 Gummy Worms (some brands work better than others, but we haven't found the perfect brand yet)

Scissors or Paring Knife to cut gummy worms

3 Tablespoons Baking Soda

1 cup warm water

1-2 cups vinegar in a glass

Cut gummy worms lengthwise into four pieces. Mix baking soda into warm water and add the cut gummy worms. Let the worms soak - most instructions say 15-20 minutes, but longer (even overnight) tends to work better. Then, fish out the worms and place them in a glass filled with vinegar. Watch the worms start to wiggle and maybe even rise to the top - it is an acid and base reaction just as exciting as any erupting volcano!

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