Scholarship Application - due January 8th, 2021 - Institute of Food Technologists Iowa Section

Scholarship Application - due January 8th, 2021

This form cannot be saved or re-entered.  Please print this page while preparing your application.  Then have all of your information ready to submit at one time.  You will also need to have your resume and transcript ready to attach to this form.


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September 2019 Country Maid Tour, October 2019 Toppling Goliath Social, November 2019 PDI Tour/Student Night, February 2020 Plant-Based Protein Meeting, June 2020 Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Technical Webinar, August 2020 Intellectual Property for Food Scientists Webinar, October 2020 Sustainability Webinar  
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The Purpose of the IA Section IFT is "to support improvement of the food supply and its use through science, technology and education". 200 words maximum.  
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