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Wiggle Worm Experiment

Wiggly Gummy Worms

You can find instructions in a variety of places, but this is a good resource:

What You Need:

3-6 Gummy Worms (some brands work better than others, but we haven't found the perfect brand yet)

Scissors or Paring Knife to cut gummy worms

3 Tablespoons Baking Soda

1 cup warm water

1-2 cups vinegar in a glass


Cut gummy worms lengthwise into 4 pieces. Mix baking soda into warm water and add the cut gummy worms. Let the worms soak - most instructions say 15-20 minutes, but longer (even overnight) tends to work better. Then fish out the worms and place them in a glass filled with vinegar. Watch the worms start to wiggle and maybe even rise to the top - it is an acid and base reaction just as exciting as any erupting volcano!


A short video is attached and I have a couple of photos to send to you shortly. 

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